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Planning Board

Posted Apr 14, 2017

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Planning Board-Alternate Member Positions Alternates attend meetings and have voting privileges when members are absent. No previous experience necessary, training is available.


Master Plan Subcommittee Members are needed to work on the Master Plan update that has been started by the planning board. The subcommittee will work to finish the final draft of the update including vision statement and updated chapters for adoption by the planning board.


Capital Improvements Plan (CIP) Subcommittee Members are needed to compile the capital improvements plan which is used to forecast large expenditures over a 5 year period. The CIP is used to reduce year to year fluctuations in municipal and school district budget planning.


If you are interested in serving in any of these positions and would like to send a letter of interest or have questions about any of the vacancies please contact  or 942-5586 x205.