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Northwood Medows Timber Sales

Town of Northwood

Posted Mon, Oct 23 at 11:24am

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There was a suggestion at the public presentation/field tour about the Northwood Meadows timber sale a few weeks back to make the presentation available to view. I’ve added the text of my talk to the slides (previously, it was mostly pictures/maps with the info spoken). The link below will take you to the project page for NMSP on the State Parks website. There is a link to download the .pdf of the presentation at the top of the page, and this is also where people can go for updates to the project. If you like, feel free to share the link to this page on Town of Northwood/Friends of NMSP/NALMC websites or Facebook pages, so others can find it more easily. The harvest should be starting up in the next few weeks. Please click the link below.

Timber sale