Requests for Proposals

Town Administrators Office
818 First New Hampshire Turnpike
Northwood, NH 03261

Current Requests for Proposals 

Town Vendor List

The Town is always updating its vendor list.  It is asking any contractor or vendor interested in providing service to the town to submit contact information via the online form or by returning a completed Bidder Application Form to Town Hall.  The Form and Request for Information can be found here

Engineering and consultation for NHDOT bridge replacement

The Town of Northwood is searching for qualified firms to consult the Town and engineer the replacement of the bridge on Bow Lake Rd over Sherburne Brook.  Qualified firms are encouraged to review the RFQ and submit a proposal no later than July 10th at 3:30pm. 

The Full RFQ can be found HERE

Pavilion construction

The Town of Northwood is look for experienced firms to design and construct a grant funded pavilion at the route 4 ball field complex. Please review the full RFP for details, deadlines and submission requirements.  Full RFP

Audit Services

The Town of Northwood, New Hampshire is soliciting proposals from qualified firms of independent certified public accountants to audit the financial statements for the fiscal years ending December 31, 2017, 2018, and 2019 with the option of auditing the Town’s financial statements for up to two (2) subsequent years.  The RFP can be found here

Assessing services

the Town of Northwood intends to secure assessing services from qualified firms.  Contact will be for 3 years  with 2 optional 1 year extensions and the cyclical revaluation in 2020.  The complete RFP can be found HERE

GASB 45 Actuarial Services

Through a sealed bid process, the Town of Northwood intends to secure the services of a qualified firm to provide Actuarial Services for Other Post-Employment Benefits (OPEB) in order to comply with the Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB) Statement No. 45.  Bids are due no later than 4pm on June 12th, 2017. Please click the link for the Full RFP.

Tree Removal

The Town of Northwood has 3 site where tree removal is necessary for road reconstruction to take place. Please click the link for the Full RFP.