On November 10 members of the Northwood Conservation Commission will lead a hike through the new trails on the Guptill Lamprey Pasture Conservation Area and the Coe-Brown Academy Mead Lot conservation easement.  Access to the trails is through the Northwood Meadows State Park, so we will meet at the parking lot there at 9:00 am. The 101 acre Guptill Lamprey Pasture Conservation Area was purchased by the town in 2011 using funds from the Conservation Commission’s conservation fund.


Conservation commission members have been working on the trails during the past year. Wini Young designed the routes for the six loop trails off the old Guptill logging road, made signs and blazed the trails and another member has done the cutting and trimming with Wini and several volunteers adding their efforts clearing and grubbing stumps. The trail system has many special features including a boulder field, a majestic stand of pines, a brook , Demon Pond, ledges topped by a stone wall, granite outcroppings, a west view of Fort Mountain, a huge wolf pine with 10 trunks, hemlock groves and an east view of Swains Lake and the ridge beyond. All loop trails are short and easy. The total hike of all trails will be five miles. If you explore on your own, there are maps posted in the trail system but it is always best to carry your own. Trails are color-coded with signs at both ends of each loop trail and all loop trails begin and end on the very distinct Guptill Road.  Be aware that wearing orange in the woods is a wise precaution. Muzzleloader season for deer is Nov.3 -13 and regular firearms season  is Nov.14- Dec 9. in the park and the new trail area. Guptill_Lamprey_Pasture_Trail_Map_10_2018.pdf