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FYI: NH Tax Kiosk URL and FAQ

Town Clerk/Tax Collector

Posted Tue, Nov 26 at 10:52am

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Click here to access the New Hampshire Tax Kiosk

What is the Tax Kiosk Web site?

The Tax Kiosk is a website configured by your town or city to provide a method by which you can easily access property tax information on the Internet at any time of day without having to contact the Tax Collector.

What am I able to see and do on the Tax Kiosk?

The Tax Kiosk enables you to view property tax invoice information, recent payments and/or penalties, and your current balance. In some instances your municipality may allow you to make an online payment using a credit card or electronic check (ACH), download and print a copy of your original invoice, and enroll in paperless email notification for future bills.

The Tax Kiosk also provides you the ability to access additional information about a specific tax bill, including any transactions that have been made on that invoice (such as payments, abatements, or penalties) or the assessment at the time of billing (property taxes only).

Where does the information that appears on the Tax Kiosk come from?

The information that appears on the Tax Kiosk is posted directly to the Internet by your municipal Tax Collector. The Tax Collector can post the information daily or periodically at their discretion. The date on which the data was last posted online by the Tax Collector appears in the upper right of the screen.

The Tax Kiosk calculates the total due with interest on a daily basis independent of when the data was updated. This means the Tax Kiosk is providing an accurate amount due regardless of when your municipality last updated the Tax Kiosk.

Click here to access the New Hampshire Tax Kiosk