Town of Northwood NH

Town Officials and Staff

Member-Secretary Highway and Facilities Advisory Committee
Member - ChairmanHighway and Facilities Advisory Committee
Human Services DirectorHuman Services
Member-Vice ChairHighway and Facilities Advisory Committee
Deputy Finance/BOS Admin AssistantFinance DepartmentEmail:
Adam SchaubCaptain AEMT - Full TimeFire Department
Adrianara ChallinorFire Fighter/AEMT - Full TimeFire Department
Aimee Mason EMT - On CallFire Department
Alexandra HeadFire Fighter/EMT - On CallFire Department
Ashley MartinCommission ChairRecreation Commission
Benjamin StaggPatrol OfficerPolice Department
Beth Boudreau Selectman RepresentativeHighway and Facilities Advisory Committee
Beth BoudreauSelectwomanBoard of SelectmenEmail:
Betsy ColburnMemberBudget Committee
Betsy ColburnMemberZoning Board of Adjustment
Betsy ColburnSupport CompanyFire Department
Betty SmithMemberPlanning Board
Betty SmithMemberBudget Committee
Betty SmithTrustee - TreasurerChesley Memorial Library
Betty SmithLibrary Trustee Representative Highway and Facilities Advisory Committee
Bookkeeper, Trustee of the Trust FundsPeter J. George, Jr. Trustee of Trust Funds
Brad HallMemberBudget Committee
Brian WinslowSchool Board RepresentativeBudget Committee
Cameron WindeExplorerFire Department
Carol ManterMunicipal Administrative AssistantAdministration DepartmentEmail:
Carol ManterAdministrative AssistantBuilding, Health, and Code EnforcementEmail:
Carol ManterAdministrative AssistantAssessingEmail:
Chairman, Trustee of the Trust FundsBetsy ColburnTrustee of Trust Funds
Charles PeaseTrusteeCemetery Trustees
Cheri SmithMemberTransfer Station Advisory Committee
Cheryl EastmanFinance Administrator/Benefits CoordinatorFinance DepartmentEmail:
Chris AndrewsFire Fighter - On CallFire Department
Chris Andrews, Northwood Citizen RepresentativeMemberPublic Safety Complex Committee
Chris BrownDPW Foreman/LaborerHighway DepartmentEmail:
Chris BrownPublic Works ForemanHighway and Facilities Advisory Committee
Chris BrownTrusteeCemetery Trustees
Chris BrownRoad AgentTransfer Station Advisory Committee
Chris BrownLieutenant - On CallFire Department
Colleen KrochmalCommissionerPolice Commission
Cross Country Appraisal - Jeff EarlsAssessorAssessingEmail:
Dakota NewmanCommissionerRecreation Commission
Dale SylviaMemberEmergency Management
Dan GilonCorporalPolice Department
Daniel McNallyMemberBudget Committee
David ElliotMemberTransfer Station Advisory Committee
David McRlroyFire Fighter/EMT - On CallFire Department
Diane KizirianAssistant LibrarianChesley Memorial Library
Donna BunkerLibrary DirectorChesley Memorial Library
Duane CurryAlternatePlanning Board
Dylan AndrewsFire Fighter/EMT - On CallFire Department
Elaine St. JeanMemberEconomic Development Committee
Elaine St. JeanMemberSafety Facilities Strategy Committee
Eric BucklandGulf Village RepresentativeBudget Committee
Eric OberCross Country Appraisal GroupAssessing
Fred BassettSupport CompanyFire Department
Gale TobbeTrustee - ChairChesley Memorial Library
George AshfordSupport CompanyFire Department
Ginger DoleChairmanBudget Committee
Ginger DoleBudget Committee RepresentativeEconomic Development Committee
Glendon DroletChiefPolice Department
Glendon DroletAsst. Emergency Management DirectorEmergency Management
Glendon Drolet, Police ChiefChairpersonPublic Safety Complex Committee
Grace GeorgeExplorerFire Department
Grace Levergood, P.E.ChairmanConservation Commission
Grace MatternMemberConservation Commission
Greg DriscollTransfer Station AttendantTransfer Station/Recycling Center
Greg LeBlancDeputy Chief/EMT - On CallFire Department
Hal KreiderChairmanBoard of SelectmenEmail:
Hal KreiderChairmanEconomic Development Committee
Hal KreiderChairSafety Facilities Strategy Committee
Hal KriederSelectmen RepresentativePlanning Board
Ian StimmellOn Call Winter MaintenanceHighway Department
Irene KreiderTrustee - AlternateChesley Memorial Library
Jack LevitonExplorerFire Department
James BurdinPlannerEconomic Development Committee
James BurdinTown PlannerLand Use DepartmentEmail:
James BurdinPlannerPlanning BoardEmail:
James GuzofskiChaplin - On CallFire Department
Janice CoffillSecretaryRecreation Commission
Jared ShaheenHealth OfficerHealth DepartmentEmail:
Jared ShaheenBuilding/Code EnforcementBuilding, Health, and Code EnforcementEmail:
Jeff CallRoad LaborerHighway Department
Jeff GibsonFire Fighter - On CallFire Department
Jeff TenleyMemberPlanning Board
Jim GuzofskiSelectmanBoard of SelectmenEmail:
Jim GuzofskiSelectmen's RepBudget Committee
Joe DyrkaczPart-time Patrol OfficerPolice Department
Joe LipshetzEMT-P - On CallFire Department
Joe McCaffreyVice-ChairSafety Facilities Strategy Committee
John SchlangCommissioner Police Commission
John SchlangTrusteeCemetery Trustees
Joseph McCaffery, Planning Board RepresentativeMemberPublic Safety Complex Committee
Joseph McCaffreyMember-Vice ChairPlanning Board
Judy AnthonyDeputy Town TreasurerTown Treasurer
Judy BurkeVice-Chair & SecretaryEconomic Development Committee
Justin MillerChairZoning Board of Adjustment
Ken CurleySecretaryCable Advisory Committee
Kevin BataranFire Fighter/EMT - On CallFire Department
Kevin EvansFire Fighter - On CallFire Department
Kevin SullivanPart-time Patrol OfficerPolice Department
Kyle DeGraceExplorerFire Department
Lauren RushAEMT - On CallFire Department
Lee BaldwinMemberPlanning Board
Linda SmithLand Use SpecialistLand Use DepartmentEmail:
Linda SmithLand Use SpecialistPlanning Board
Linda SmithLand Use SpecialistConservation Commission
Linda SmithLand Use SpecialistZoning Board of Adjustment
Linda SmithBoard AdministratorPolice CommissionEmail:
Logan PalmerExplorerFire Department
Luke ZagerFire Fighter - On CallFire Department
Madison MerchantFire Fighter/EMT - Part TimeFire Department
Margaret WalkerSecretaryTransfer Station Advisory Committee
Margaret WalkerTrustee - AlternateChesley Memorial Library
Marisa RussoTown Clerk/Tax CollectorTown Clerk/Tax CollectorEmail:
Mark MoralMemberSafety Facilities Strategy Committee
Mark TetreaultChief/EMT - Full TimeFire DepartmentEmail:
Matt FryeSelectman (Vice-Chair)Board of SelectmenEmail:
Matt FryeSelectmen RepresentativeEconomic Development Committee
Matt FryeSelectman RepresentativeRecreation Commission
Matthew CoeFire Fighter - On CallFire Department
Matthew ZobelSergeantPolice Department
Melissa "Missy" RoweDeputy Town Clerk/Tax CollectorTown Clerk/Tax CollectorEmail:
Michael CorsonFire Fighter - On CallFire Department
Michael HedmanTransfer Station AttendantTransfer Station/Recycling Center
Michael JobinCove Village RepresentativeBudget Committee
Michael Matson, Northwood Citizen RepresentativeMemberPublic Safety Complex Committee
Michael McGinnFire Fighter/EMT - Part TimeFire Department
Michael MooreMemberBudget Committee
Michael MooreMemberSafety Facilities Strategy Committee
Naoko KondrupEMT - On CallFire Department
Nicole RodlerCommissionerPolice Commission
Nik BassettFire Fighter/EMT - On CallFire Department
Nikolas BassettMemberEmergency Management
Nikolas BassettMemberPublic Safety Complex Committee
Pam SandersonVice ChairZoning Board of Adjustment
Pam SandersonMemberBudget Committee
Pat PotterSchool Resource OfficerPolice Department
Pat ValliancourtTrustee - SecretaryChesley Memorial Library
Patricia MerrillMemberConservation Commission
Paul TudorMemberBudget Committee
Paul TudorMemberSafety Facilities Strategy Committee
Reagan JohnsonExplorerFire Department
Richard BilodeauFire Fighter/EMT - Part TimeFire Department
Rick EarlsCross Country Appraisal GroupAssessing
Robert StrobelAlternatePlanning Board
Robert StrobelMemberHighway and Facilities Advisory Committee
Robert Strobel, Chair, Planning BoardMemberPublic Safety Complex Committee
Robert WestLieutenant/AEMT - On CallFire Department
Robert YoungWater District RepresentativeBudget Committee
Robert YoungEmergency Management DirectorEmergency Management
Robert YoungTown ModeratorModeratorEmail:
Robert Young, Director of Emergency ManagementMemberPublic Safety Complex Committee
Sandra PrioloTown TreasurerTown Treasurer
Sandy PrioloSupport CompanyFire Department
Scott AnsteySupport CompanyFire Department
Scott BlewittRecreation DirectorRequests for ProposalsEmail:
Shane DownsPatrol OfficerPolice Department
Shane WellsLieutenantPolice Department
Shane Wells, Police SergeantMemberPublic Safety Complex Committee
Sharon YoungLibrary AssistantChesley Memorial Library
Shelley FrostAlternate MemberConservation Commission
Sherri GuptilMemberTransfer Station Advisory Committee
Steve BaileyChairmanCemetery Trustees
Steve BaileySupport CompanyFire Department
Steve HamplMemberConservation Commission
Steve RobinsonMemberBudget Committee
Stewart SmithOn Call Equipment OperatorHighway Department
Susan AustinLand Use Administrative AssistantLand Use DepartmentEmail:
Susan AustinLand Use AssistantPlanning Board
Susan AustinLand Use AssistantConservation Commission
Susan AustinLand Use AssistantZoning Board of Adjustment
Susan RomanoMemberConservation Commission
Taryn BassettTrusteeCemetery Trustees
Taylor AshfordFire Fighter - On CallFire Department
Ted WilkinsonMemberBudget Committee
Ted WilkinsonMemberZoning Board of Adjustment
Ted WilkinsonMemberSafety Facilities Strategy Committee
Thomas ChaseVice-ChairmanBudget Committee
Tim ColbySelectmanBoard of SelectmenEmail:
Tim ColbySelectman RepresentativeHighway and Facilities Advisory Committee
Tim ColbySelectmen's LiaisonZoning Board of Adjustment
Tim JandebeurMember-ChairPlanning Board
Tim JandebeurMemberBudget Committee
Tim RichardsonTransfer Station SupervisorTransfer Station/Recycling Center
Tom ChaseMemberConservation Commission
VacantFacilitatorPublic Safety Complex Committee
vacantSelectmen's MemberPublic Safety Complex Committee
VacantMemberPublic Safety Complex Committee
VacantFF/AEMT - Full TimeFire Department
Valerie TwomblyTechnology LibrarianChesley Memorial Library
Vice-Chair Trustee of the Trust FundsAlan "Ted" WilkinsonTrustee of Trust Funds
Victoria ParmeleMemberPlanning Board
Viena DowChairTransfer Station Advisory Committee
Vince BaneSupport CompanyFire Department
Walter JohnsonTown AdministratorAdministration DepartmentEmail:
Wendy TuttleAdministrative AssistantPolice Department
Wini YoungMemberConservation Commission