The Northwood Planning Board is seeking alternate members to serve on the board. You must be a Northwood resident. There is typically 2 evening meetings each month. Please send letter of interest or email to 818 First NH Turnpike 03261.

ALTERNATE MEMBERS Planning boards may have up to 5 alternate members, as determined by the local legislative body. The term of an alternate member is 3 years. For appointed planning boards, the alternate members are appointed by the appointing authority; in the case of elected planning boards, the board itself appoints its alternate members.

Alternate members are encouraged to attend all planning board meetings. Furthermore, RSA 673:6, V authorizes alternate members to participate in meetings of the board as non-voting members pursuant to the board’s adopted rules of procedure. Regular participation best prepares alternates to be ready to serve when called upon or to fill future vacancies. Alternate members may vote only when they are specifically designated to sit in the place of a member who is either absent or has disqualified him or herself. The chair designates which alternate shall serve in the place of a regular member; however, the selectmen must designate their alternate if the selectman ex officio cannot serve. The board should review its rules of procedure to make sure they define how and when an alternate may participate in a meeting of the board.