1. Fill out online (can mark ovals) up until *Applicant's Signature* or print out and complete Jan. 2024 Primary Absentee Ballot Application

2. Sign and date in PEN ONLY (NO Electronic Signature accepted)

3. Return to the clerks office in person, by mail or email

Choose ONE election per application (no photo copies) "we have prefilled this in for you" date of Primary still unknow as of 11/6/23. There are multiple elections listed.

 WE will not accept ANY other application- example: September 10, 2024 or November 5, 2024 election 

If received, we will mail it back to you.

once we receive your request, your ballot (when available) will be mailed to address you provided 

---Please see below---

**Completed Ballots can only be handed in person with your Photo ID or mailed back to Town Clerks Office** 

you can not drop off in the DROP BOX, your ballot will be rejected!!!