Town of Northwood NH


“Trick or Treat"

When: Sunday, Oct. 31, 2021

Time: 4:00pm - 7:00pm 

If you have taught your child about their personal safety, and they understand that their are homes they can not approach and that they should never, 

under any circumstances, enter someone’s home to get candy or anything else, then they might be ready for this new independence. 

If not, sit down with them and have a talk about what the boundaries and rules would be for this trick or treat adventure.


1. Flashlights (Use a real one! Much more fun than using a phone.)

2. Only use phone if necessary. A designated check in time for an update keeps them grounded.

3. Only go to homes that are being visited by others and have lights on.

4. Stay on streets that have other trick or treaters.

5. Tell your child NOT to eat any candy until you have looked it over. Okay – so that isn’t going to happen. 

But do explain that any candy, even if it is a favorite, if it is open in any way it has to be thrown out. 

Then also remind them which candy is your favorite so they can save that for you.

6. Do not approach dogs you do not know. Always ask the owner for permission before approaching even dogs you do know.

7. Do not talk to anyone driving by in a car. Review this with them: If an adult needs help they should be asking another adult – not kids. 

They have permission if approached by someone in a car to yell No! and run in the opposite direction the car is facing and contact their trusted adults immediately.

Halloween was a blast for me growing up as well as with my own kids. For most families it is the ultimate fun holiday. 

Take a few minutes to consider if your child is ready to go out on their own. If yes, cover the topics above and have a great night!


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