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Building, Health, and Code Enforcement

Devin Haley, Building Inspector/CEO
Town of Northwood
818 First New Hampshire Turnpike
Northwood, NH. 03261


General Information

The Building, Health, and Code Enforcement Department administers and enforces the Town Building Code, Zoning Ordinance and applicable site plan and subdivision regulations and requirements.  The Department is responsible for receiving, reviewing, approval and/or denial of Building Permit Applications. The Department is responsible for the approval of all Septic System Designs, and enforcement of all applicable NH laws and administrative rules, as well as local Health Ordinances and regulations. The Department serves as a liaison between state officials and the community concerning local public health and as an active participant in developing regional public health capacities. 

Hours of Operation

Building Department Administration is Open
Monday thru Thursday
9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Building Inspections are Scheduled:

Monday Thru Thursday
9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.
Please call at least 24 hours in advance to schedule

Building Inspection

Activities include:

  • Receiving Building Permit Applications.
  • Reviewing the construction documents associated with Building Permit Applications.
  • Verifying the compliance of construction documents with applicable building codes, town ordinances and state statutes.
  • Issuing Building Permits.
  • Inspecting the work associated with Building Permits for compliance.
  • Issuing Certificates of Occupancy when work is complete and in compliance.

Pursuant to RSA 155-A, the Town of Northwood Building and Code Enforcement Department enforces the New Hampshire Building Code. 

"New Hampshire building code'' or "state building code'' means the adoption by reference of the International Building Code 2018, the International Existing Building Code 2018, the International Plumbing Code 2018, the International Mechanical Code 2018, the International Energy Conservation Code 2018, and the International Residential Code 2018, as published by the International Code Council, and the National Electric Code 2020, as amended by the state building code review board and ratified by the legislature in accordance with RSA 155-A:10.

Other codes, such as the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) codes and standards, are adopted by the State Fire Marshal’s office and are in effect in Northwood throughout New Hampshire. These include, but are not limited to the NFPA 101 Life Safety Code, NFPA 54 Natural Gas Code, NFPA 58 Propane Gas Code, NFPA 70 Electrical CodeNFPA 31 Oil Burning Equipment Code and the NFPA 72 Fire Alarm Code.

Zoning Ordinance Enforcement

Subdivision and Site Plan Enforcement

  • Ensure compliance will all facets of approved plans

Public Health

  • Investigate all health related issues

Protected Shoreland

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I get an application for a building permit?

The applications are available for download HERE or at the Building and Code Enforcement Department located at Northwood Town Hall, 818 First NH Turnpike. 

2. What work requires a Building Permit? 

  • All New Construction
  • All structurally related replacements
  • All Garages
  • All sheds
  • All swimming pools
  • All signs

Interior Renovations

  • Increasing dimensions or removing of any existing window or door
  • Opening of any new window or door
  • Construction or reconstruction of any wall or staircase
  • Removal or relocation of any existing wall or staircase
  • Installation and/or replacement of HVAC units
  • Any plumbing activities
  • All electrical work

Exterior Renovations

  • Additions to existing structures
  • Porch enclosures
  • Porch, patio and/or stairway (construction and reconstruction)
  • Decks
  • Construction or reconstruction of any wall
  • Replacement of roof rafters, sills, floor joists, etc.
  • Installation of permanent awnings
  • Erection or replacement of fencing

3. How long does it take to get a permit?

A permit will usually be issued in one week or so after all necessary information is supplied.

4. What are the fees associated permits?

Many different fees apply depending upon what permit you are applying for. Please contact the Department for further information.
5. How many sets of plans are needed when requesting a building permit?

  • Single family homes – one set
  • Multi-family, commercial, industrial and educational – two sets

6. Is a permit needed for roofing, siding, window replacement?

No permit is required if roofing only involves new shingles, metal roofing, etc. or for siding. If new windows are larger than the existing windows, a permit is required.

7. What information is needed to receive a building permit?

Information required includes completing all required application data plus plans and framing details.

8. How do I arrange for an inspection?

Call the Building and Code Enforcement Department at any time and leave a detailed message.

9. Do I need a permit for a driveway?

All driveways off state or town roads require an approved permit from the applicable agency as explained below.

Driveway permits for town roads are available at the Building and Code Enforcement Department or download Here.

State driveway permits are obtained from New Hampshire Department of Transportation District 6. Call 603-868-1133.

Building and Code Enforcement Department Documents

Building and Code Enforcement Department documents and forms can be found in the Documents & Forms area of the web site.


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