Highway Department

Highway Department

Northwood Highway Department
physical address: Town Works Way
mailing address: 818 First NH Turnpike
Northwood, NH 03301

Additional Information and Resources

Additional Information and Resources

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The Town of Northwood is applying for a TIGER VIII grant through the Department of Transportation. 

If funded through the TIGER VIII program, the project will replace the bridge over Sherburne Brook eliminating weight restrictions and bridge closures that could cripple transportation and impede public safety, slow economic development, and limit access to education at Coe-Brown. In addition to being a center of economic and educational opportunity, Northwood also serves as a regional tourist hub for populations from Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire. In line with USDOT’s mission, the Sherburne Brook Project presents a real opportunity to significantly contribute to ensuring a fast, safe, efficient, accessible and convenient transportation infrastructure for the residents of Northwood the area while creating Ladders of Opportunity in region.

TIGER VIII Table of Contents - Sherburne Brook Project

Letters of Support                                                                       Application:

Coe-Brown Academy                                                                   Cover

Town of Strafford                                                                         Executive Summary

Senator Kelly Ayotte                                                                    Narrative

Northwood Economic Development Committee                          2016 TIGER INFO

Northwood Board of Selectman- Commitment of Funds

NHDOT Letter of Support

Benefit Cost Analysis                                     Bridge and Road Summary

BCA Sherburne Brook Project                         2015 NHDOT Bridge Inspection

BCA Summary                                                 NHDOT Recommendation and cost estimate

                                                                        Bow Lake Road reconstruction estimate

Wage Rate Certification