Citizens Forum

To help keep everyone safe but still able to participate in the Board of Selectmen's Meetings,

Due to the Emergency Order issued by the Governor regarding Town's to meet electronically being removed, the Northwood Board of Selectmen have since moved all of their meetings to the conference hall within the Town Hall at this time. The public is welcome to join the Board during these in person meeting. The following procedures will be followed:

If you wish to participate in the BOS meeting, the following procedures are in place to ensure that everyone who would like to participate will be able to do so. There will be a microphone placed in the center of the room for the public to use only during Citizen's Forum which will be held at the beginning and the end of every Board of Selectmen's meeting. You must identify yourself if you wish to speak during Citizens Forum.

Please fill out this Citizen's Form - Agenda Request Form


please email your citizen's form statement to:

and we will read it during the citizen's forum section of the meeting within the following guidelines:

The Board may accept written comments from residents to be read into the record during the meeting. The letters must be sent to the Board via the Citizen’s Forum email address or they can be sent via mail to the Town of Northwood at 818 First NH Turnpike, ATTENTION BOS: Citizens Forum. Submissions must identify the resident by name and be received by noon the day before the meeting to allow time to verify that it is in fact from the resident. Consequently, contact information must be included with the letter. If the Town cannot verify the identity of the person, the letter will not be read. The reading will be limited to the first 400 words of the email. The reader is not required to read aloud any vulgarities or swearing in the reading of the letter and will make clear that what is being read are the opinions of the author of the letter/email and not those of the one reading the text or the Board.

The YouTube Link to watch any previous Board of Selectmen, Planning Board, and Conservation meeting during the Covid-19 Emergency Order that was given by the Governor can be found here:

Youtube - Town of Northwood Meetings