Northwood Highway Advisory Committee

Minutes of March 30, 2011 Meeting

Community Hall – 7:00 p.m.



Call to Order:  Chairman Robert Bailey called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.


Roll Call:  Members present were:  Robert Bailey, Fred Bassett, Marion Knox, Steve Bailey, John Lane, Jim Wilson.  Absent were Gregg Bane and Joe Holmes.  Selectman Dill arrived when the meeting was half over and Gregg Bane, who was on a repair call, arrived as the meeting ended.

Jean Lane recorded the meeting.


Public present:  Bob Strobel


Approval of minutes of February 16th and March 16th meetings with Planning Board:  Steve Bailey made one correction in the February 16th minutes, changed the words “the injector” to “one injector”.  Motion by Fred Bassett, seconded by Bob Bailey to accept minutes as corrected.  Motion by Steve Bailey, seconded by John Lane to accept minutes of March 16th as presented.  Committee approved both motions.


Road Agent’s Report:

                                    2011 budget as of March 17th:  Snow budget showed a balance of  $49,595.27, and encumbrances of $23,219.81.  Jim Wilson stated another storm is coming on Friday, but he feels he can stay within the budget through December.  His real concern is the fuel line in the department’s regular budget.

                                    Work Plan for Year:  Jim stated as soon as the roads dry out they will begin grading the dirt roads.  He will be presenting Wolcott’s 2011 bid for the balance of the Blake’s Hill Road reclaiming and resurfacing.  The bid is the same as it was for year 2010.  Jim stated he will be meeting with Sam Johnson regarding the West Street culvert situation.  The department will also do culvert work on Deerfield Road, and if time and money allow, they will begin work on Old Mountain Road.

Motion by Steve Bailey to recommend that the Selectmen accept the Wolcott bid, which is the same as his 2010 bid, so the Blake’s Hill Road project can be completed.  Motion seconded by Fred Bassett, and vote made unanimous by the committee members.


Jim reported that water was over Old Turnpike Road because of an ice jam, which they were able to break up, and that the State’s culvert was also plugged up because of the ice.


Fred Bassett reported that Harry Ring informed him that he believes the logging company crushed the culvert on Jenness Pond Road.  Jim will check on this.  Cost may be recoverable from logging company.


Other Business:


            Steve Bailey asked Bob Strobel to join the committee at the table to discuss the procedure that should be used in order that the new five-year road plan can be done.  He stated $10,000 was raised at town meeting for this project, and the committee needs to decide how the plan can be developed within the $10,000 amount.  Bob Strobel stated last Fall he was asked to consider bidding for this work, but he is not in that business at this time. He spoke to David Foster at town meeting, and David was going to speak to his boss at Underwood Engineering about submitting a bid.  Jim Wilson asked about the newly hired town engineering firm’s original bid of $25,000 (CMA of Portsmouth).  Steve Bailey indicated perhaps we need to tell them we have $10,000, and ask them what they can do for us.  Marion showed the members the 2001 plan done by Technology Transfer Center at UNH and the 2006 plan done by Underwood Engineering of Portsmouth.  Bob Strobel stated the 2001 plan would have cost around $3000.

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Bob Strobel stated the University is not doing this anymore because there is a lack of students who are available to handle the work.  Steve Bailey stated we know the process, and Bob Bailey stated we have ideas of where we are going with a new plan.  Bob Strobel stated the Planning Board is now working on a new capital improvement plan, and a new road plan will work into it very well.  Alden Dill asked if we should approach CMA for a new bid, or go out to bid, which might cost more money.  Bob Strobel stated he could do the training class, of committee members, between May 30 and July 4th, which would describe each road, and then give the information to CMA who could crunch the numbers.  Alden Dill stated he could talk with Brent Lemire about this project which must be done during the early summer months.  Alden stated CMA is a good fit for the town – have 7 engineers and seem reasonable with costs.  Steve stated we only need a basic 5 year plan.  Bob Strobel stated he could do an April 30 training class which would be two hours, plus two days of daylight hours and a one day for decision processing and practicing.  Jim Wilson stated he has already taken the class, and found it very good.


Swearing in of members:  Alden Dill, as Selectman, swore in Fred Bassett and Marion Knox as members.  Robert Bailey had already been sworn in by Judy Pease, Town Clerk.  Robert Bailey reported that Joe Holmes announced to him that he has retired from the committee, and therefore would not accept the one year appointment.  The members discussed finding a replacement for Joe, and Steve Bailey stated we need someone from East Northwood area, and he suggested Bob Knowlton.  The members felt that Bob Knowlton had been a member of the committee years ago, and that he would be a good person to approach again.  Marion Knox is to send a letter to him, asking him to consider a one year appointment to the committee.


Report on joint meeting with Planning Board and Strafford Regional Planning Commission.

As Bob Strobel was still present he was asked to give a brief report on the meeting.  He stated that the two State DOT projects were considered to be important to the town:  a left turning light at Rte 4 and 43, and the relocation of Rte 152 intersection with Rte 4.  As these two projects are not considered major, perhaps pressure to have them done to avoid further accidents will bring them to the surface again at State level.  The other concern that is even more important is the need for another exit for Gulf Road.  Bob indicated this could be done with an impact fee that would have to include all properties in that area.  The exit could be an emergency road, but one that would include all the factors necessary for the safety of the residents.  There have been several tentative plans considered by the committee and others, but the cost has always been a deterring factor. 


(Special Note from Marion Knox)  At the March 16th joint meeting, SRPC informed us there is a State law that allows town meeting to enact an optional registration fee of $5.00 (over and above the regular registration fee) that is collected for a special highway project.  The money is kept in a capital reserve fund for the specific purpose.  Maybe this is a way to get money for a Gulf Road project!


Next Meeting – April 27th – 7:00 p.m. – Community Hall


Adjournment:  Motion by John Lane, seconded by Steve Bailey to adjourn at 7:55 p.m.


                                                                        Respectfully submitted,



                                                                        Marion J. Knox